Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miconazole Nitrate (MN)

Back in October after perusing all the blogs and forums I decided to try MN in a desperate attempt to get some quick growth where my hair loss patch is.  For those of you who are unaware, the full title is Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Cream (2%).  That's right, yeast infection cream on your scalp!!!! The theory behind it is that since the active ingredient, MN, wards of bacteria and fungus in the vajayjay, it should serve the same purpose on the scalp in which bacteria and fungus also grows.  By removing, the fungus/bacteria and keeping it at bay, it allows for the hair to grow faster b/c there are no longer hindrances preventing the growth from coming through or suffocating the scalp, in a nutshell.  I must admit at 1st I had some serious reservations but the more I researched the more I saw how popular it was and ladies were claiming these amazing results and growth rates that they were able to achieve with the stuff. So after getting over my skepticism I thought what the heck, if its safe for down under which is much more fragile it can't hurt right?!  

So, my initial attempt I used it neat, naked whatever you want to call it.  Just straight outta the tube.  That was a big NO.  I got major headaches and was gonna stop using it all together but again I did my research and saw this was quite common and b/c of this,  most ladies created their own concoction comprised of oils etc. to decrease the intensity.  So I got to mixing on my own.  My formula of choice was 1. Tube of MN 2. JBCO 3. Garlic Powder 4. Cayenne Pepper (Powder) 5. EO's of Peppermint & Grapefruit.  I used an old conditioner jar and applied to my scalp anywhere from 4-7 nights a week.   

The truth of the matter is I did not receive the fantabulous results that most spoke of.  There definitely was not an incessant growth spurt to the point I had to think of retouching that spot in 3 weeks, or the famous claim of 1/2 and inch per week or an extra inch per month.  Definitely not!  But what I will say is that it promoted growth in that area b/c at one point I wouldn't notice any growth between my stretches.  Upon using the MN mixture hair definitely began sprouting in the patchy areas and filling in so to speak, which is still growth, but there was definitely no major length improvement.  BTW, I limited to my edges and hair loss areas, the whole point is to get them to catch up.

All in all it was okay but not the miracle worker that its portrayed to be, at least not for my hair.  I saw a slight difference so it does something but due to the nature of what it is intended for I decided to back off after about 4 months of use.  I mean hey, you wouldn't put it down there for 4 months right?! That's the main reason I decided to back off and choose more natural herbs and remedies.  The end result is I don't have a problem with it but wouldn't necessarily run out to purchase it again.  

Have you tried MN?  How did it work for you?
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