Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ouidad Double Detangler

 Well great googamooga.....I've done it, not all the way, but I've done it.  I planned on conquering a 6 month stretch and although I am relaxing tomorrow at 5 1/2 months (24 weeks) post, I am still claiming my victory (even though it's 2 wks earlier than scheduled).

Suprisingly this has been a fairly easy stretch, much easier than I thought.  Thoughts of transitioning even occurred from time to time but I will say it's something I may do one day but it won't be anytime soon.  During this stretch I opted to not try anything new, techniques, products, nothing....but that all changed when I came across the Ouidad Double Detangler.  Let me just say this comb is heaven sent.  I detangled the mess out of my hair in preparation for tomorrow's re-touch w/little to no hair loss.  Like all things nothing is perfect and the only flaw is this comb does absolutely nothing for me prior to any new growth appearing.  However, once the kinks start coming in, they don't stand a chance against this thing.  I purchased this comb from Sephora some months ago for 24 bucks.  I didn't have to start using it until I was about 3 months post.  My suggestion to all the stretchers out there, run don't walk and buy this comb in a hurry!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Only Me

The good news ....on Oct 1 I officially made 5 months post.  This is a big HUGE deal for me.  I 've never gone past 3 months in my life. So far so good great.  I have not had one single bump in the road and it's been much easier than I thought, that is until Sunday afternoon.

Last week I got pretty lazy. I'd gone the whole week only washing once so I had to buck up.  I moped around the house pre-pooing and dc'ing and then it was time to shower out the condish. Well b/c I didn't feel like the whole process I thought to myself let me head to the sink this one time, it won't hurt....I've been lucky enough for my detangling to be a breeze so I'll just do it when it's semi-dry.  Big rather HUGE mistake.  I am still checking for matting and tangles and it is 2 days later.  I want to slap myself, I thought how could you be so stupid, I felt extremely guilty.

 Last night I had to grab my Bee Mine Luscious moisturizer and go to town, Hairveda just didn't seem like it could do the job.  I made sections in my hair and parted with my fingers and applied the Bee Mine to the new growth in the same fashion as you would a relaxer.  I followed this procedure throughout my entire head.  I than detangled and massaged any knots and matting out as best as I could with my fingers.  This stuff really softens and melts my new growth  It's funny b/c I have this love hate relationship w/the Lucscious Moisturizer but after this fiasco I have a new found respect for it.  Anyhoo, can you believe after 2 separate days of detangling and de-matting that I felt my hair and found another knot.  I am done, this is just too much. Sometime tonight I will repeat last night's process using my Bee Mine and detangling.

Moral of the story, 5 months post is not the time to get lazy, laxed or unmotivated.  Proper procedure in handling your hair is just as important as the products you use.  It can make or break you and your hair!  When stretching and that ng starts kicking, stick to what you know. We should all be open to new practices and ideas, it's how you learn, but I suggest you test and try to incorporate new practices and techniques during your early weeks post relaxer.  This way if something doesn't work out to well you don't end up doing more harm than good.  Remember, stretching is meant to help us gain healthier, thicker strands by using less chemicals over time.  So if you're gonna do damage with improper techniques what's the point?
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