Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Major Scalp Itchies

Yep you read it right, my scalp has been on fire!  Okay so it doesn't burn or anything but the itchy scalp I've been experiencing is like no other!  Now I may or may not have mentioned that I've been unbeweavable since Dec and no not the same weave! (really that's just nasty). Anyway about 2 weeks ago my scalp began to itch.  At first very mildly but day by day it got worse. It was only in the area of the weave, which was due to be taken out 2 wks later so I took it out and did my normal process, you know, relax the edges that I leave out, wash, d.c. etc. Well the day after I finally weaved it back up, not only did the weaved section begin to itch again, the hair that I left out and relaxed was now itching just as much and honey let me tell you it went from 0-60 in no time. It even woke me out of my sleep a couple of nights.  I felt like Beyonce, Pat your weave ladies...pat pat pat....the hubs had all kinds of jokes, said he got worried I might rattle my brain lol.  I tried applying to my scalp all my usual concoctions, sea breeze, witch  hazel and jbco but nothing helped.  Relief was temporary and I mean like 10 - 15 mins temporary and then it was itch city all over again.  I didn't know what to do.

Well thank GOD for essential oils. Relief came to me in the form of essential oils.  I decided to use Tea Tree and Rosemary E.O's as they have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.  I used JBCO and Organic Cold Pressed EVOO as my carrier oils, mixed all together and applied with my Roots Only applicator bottle. I applied all up in those tracks, I meant buisness!  Now it has been just a few short hours but I must say that my scalp has calmed down TREMENDOUSLY.  I hope this is the long term solution I was looking for b/c it itched so bad it was hurting my soul...my whole body is saying AAAHHHHH.  I will apply again tonight b/4 bed and then every night until this problem is resolved.  I don't know who, what, when, where, how or why this happened in the 1st place but that itch was too much for one woman to bare. I hope this concoction is a permanent fix b/c I can't take another sleepless night!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

PR - Roots Only

When becoming a long term stretcher there are a few things that you need to incorporate into your regimen that will "lighten the load" while dealing with your new growth.  For me, Roots Only is one of those products that I just don't wanna do without. This is my go to bottle for when I am well into my stretches.  At 1st applicator bottles were my thing but they just didn't cover enough ground at one time, but with Roots Only's applicator comb feature, I am able to apply the product quickly and with ease.  It really just takes me a few minutes and I'm done which is why I love it.

To top it all off they have EXCELLENT customer service.  There was an issue with defective bottles, and not only was their rep courteous, but he also took every measure to rectify the issue and follow up with me from start to finish, and you guys all know how I feel about customer service!  So kudos to Roots Only for making an excellent product and also producing an excellent staff!  Have you tried Roots Only applicators?  If not, you don't know what your missing!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer has been the rave across the hairboards/blogs for a couple of weeks now. (could be longer but I've just noticed). So with my super kinky/coarse/dry 4a/b hair I am always on the prowl for any product with uber moisturizing and/or detangling capabilities, especially now that I'm a long term stretcher.  When I 1st saw the pic of the TT I was a bit skeptical. It looked, wimpy, toy like if you will, and since I've long recovered from my product junky days I was not impressed.  But my urge to relapse begin to take over and after reading reviews of ladies whose manes were similar to mine, I submitted and said what's 10 bucks right?!

Well I am ever so happy that I finally made the investment.  What I deemed as wimpy and toy like is a true hair beast! My 1st use was on freshly moisturized, uncombed in days, dry hair.  Yep I said it DRY hair AND I had less shedding than when I detangle under running water w/condish in the shower. Needless to say when I used the TT to detangle in the shower w/condish, the shed hair was almost non-existent. The TT has my vote and it's definitely all the rave in my book....This apparatus just may be the impetus for longer stretches. Let's wait and see!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why you haven't seen pics

K, so I know it's been a really long time since I posted pics and some of you may be wondering; What's up?!

Hair's Tha Thing, because of the way my alopecia patched formed (and grew TREMENDOUSLY) in the back of my head, it got to the point that combing my hair down showed no progress b/c there was literally a big hole in the back covering the left side of my head.  The middle hairs came down only so far so it looks pretty lopsided  b/c the right side is APL but the left side looks like it's barely neck length (Yes it's definitely depressing, to say the least)  :(

Don't cry for me, I am surely not anyone's quitter and will fight a battle with tears in my eyes (and I've had many over this fiasco!)

So as far as the pic taking goes, I've come up with this, I will now show you guys progress/comparison pics of the front and side, allowing you to witness the growth and helping me keep track of what's working and what's not.  And b/c of the position of the lost hair, the back is getting some weave tracks, otherwise I would have to shave my head bald as there is not even a hair cut the can really blend it all in and FOR ME that's not happening.

So those are the plans, Stay Tuned.....

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Needing a New Moisturizer

I seriously need some suggestions. My hair is so NOT liking anything I have in my cabinet.  Now I was on the last bits of almost all of my products b/4 I started packing and with all the chaos I had going on I haven't had the time to reorder any of my much needed items.  This also got me to thinking.  In situations like these it's a little too much to be dependent on items that you can't replenish immediately.  So, I've always lucked up to find leave-ins, and co-washing condishes locally but I need some ideas on a good daily moisturizer and moisturizing deep conditioners, cone free, found locally.

Any suggestions?!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year - New Focus

Happy New Years to my followers and visitors of Hair's Tha Thing! I am so looking forward to gr8 and prosperous things in these years to come!

So I've been gone oh too long and I truly missed blogging.  Back in September the hubs and I were in a serious car accident.  I truly thank God for pulling us through. Being in and out of dr's offices, and therapy 3x's/week is a lot.... a whole lot, but like I said I am truly thankful  b/c it can always be worse.  Needless to say I have soooo NOT been focusing on hair, or anything hair related and my hair has suffered just a lil bit b/c of it.

Well that's why I haven't been around, just wanted to you know I didn't abandoned you or my blog!  It's now time to regain focus and to get back on track.

This year I will be focusing a WHOLE lot more with this battle I've been fighting w/alopecia.  It's been an ongoing, outright war between us for the past 2 years, but I'm competitive and it's a battle I'm determined to win.  My goal's this year will be the following:

1 - Growing out this patch once and for all.  Period. Point. Blank
2 - Getting the patch to shoulder length by the end of 2011.
3 - Overall thickness throughout my entire head
4 - More growth in the temple and nape area (filling in temples - faster growth - nape)

That's it for now, if I think of more I'll add to it as necessary.  Stay tuned!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yes I know I've been gone for a while, but I wanted to make sure I came to wish you all a wonderful, happy, prosperous, and loving Christmas holiday!

I shall return, alive and kickin, in the days to come....

Be Blessed
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