Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jumping on the Bandwagon

So back in July, I went and picked up Burt Bee's Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo treatment. It was getting rave reviews from a couple of my favorite ladies so I figured hey why not. The 1st time I used it I wasn't impressed, the gooey viscosity mixed with my dry hands and hair just felt like a sticky mess. Of course, my slowness didnt make me think to add water! I sat with it for a while, kept feeling my hair of course and thought it was just okay, didn't see the big deal. When it was time for me to wash my hair I began to see the excitement over this. As I was rinsing my hair under the water it felt soft and silky, really nice. I decided that I would use up the bottle but I wasn't sure if I would repurchase as the application process was, well, annoying. My next use the same, application...not good but the rinse was great. Here's where things changed. I felt compelled to take it on vacay out of convenience, no mixing of oils, EO's, etc. My common sense kicked in when I applied it on wet hair. Oh okay, I'm really feeling this now. Totally different feel, just glided right on, duh why didn't I think of this before. I then turned the tube around and read the instructions and whaddya kno! Your SUPPOSED to apply it to wet hair. Double duh. I guess this is why instructions were created. Needless to say I HAVE repurchased, I like it alot, although something still stops me from loving it even though I continue to buy it ((on my 3rd tube)). However it's convenient, effective and 99.33% natural and I will say this, I gain more respect for it with each use.

Product Description
Pre-treat before for a high gloss after. Perming, coloring and styling can leave your hair looking dry and damaged. This luscious formula combines Avocado and Olive oils to penetrate and replenish natural moisture to your hair and scalp. Rosemary, almond oil and nettle extract condition your hair leaving it soft, with a glossy shine.

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, oat flour, citrus rind oil (cleanser), lanolin, nettle leaf powder, quillaja extract, oat oil, chlorophyll & vegetable oil, rosemary leaf oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), fragrance


  1. I have ben searching ALL of Toronto for this product with no luck....did you buy online? If so, where?

  2. Yeah it took me a WHILE to find this product. I got it from an Ulta Beauty Supply store in my neighborhood. Good

  3. I'm glad you gave it a second chance before giving up. Burt's Bees now has a permanent spot in my pre-poo step. I don't mind it on dry hair but you're right, on moistened hair, it's even easier to apply.


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