Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Feeling My Hair

I tried the oil and condish in my last relaxer and it worked wonders on my previously relaxed tresses. I mean really just amazingly soft and moisturized but the previously relaxed tresses aren't the problem. My hair is not straight, it's manageable but not straight. Now Hair's tha thing...I've been noticing this problem over the last couple of touch ups and I've concluded it's the relaxer. Affirm Fiberguard is just not doing the job for me! At 1st I thought maybe I was underprocessing, but I've been self-relaxing since my late teen years and NEVER damaged my tresses or ever underprocessed so that's not it. Plus my hair got like this when I was using the ORS olive oil relaxer which is why I don't use it anymore. Also years ago my old stylist used Affirm Fiberguard on my hair and after the 2nd time told me she didn't like it, we switched but she never mentioned why. I wonder if this is what happened? In all fairness the stylist before her used Affirm Lye and that's the silkiest my hair has ever been! However I don't mess around with lye when self relaxing, my hair can hit or miss with it so no way not now, can't afford any damage.

Oh well, you live you learn, but it's official...bye bye Affirm Fiberguard...I'm thinking of going back to Fabulaxer, used to love it. Anyone have any suggestions!

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