Thursday, March 4, 2010

HairVeda Whipped Cream - Ends Hydration Leave-In

You're  gonna def hear me talking a lot about going cone free for the next few posts b/c, well frankly since I have done so, some beautiful things have occured. The main and most important aspect since doing so is my hair is back to it's ability to retain moisture.  And so it begins!   I was eager to try HairVeda's Whipped Cream - Ends Hydration, but refused to purchase until I was close to running out of Jane Carter's Nourish & Shine (which btw is so worth the price b/c it's lasted me a couple of months for that small tube).  In  any event I received my HV WC in the mail about a month ago and washed my hair in order to test it out on a clean/fresh head of hair.  Boys & Girls - LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHING (of course in my fire marshall bill voice!), this stuff is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!!!!  I mean I just don't know what to say but after I moisturize w/this and seal w/extra virgin olive oil (evoo) (remember how my hair used to hate evoo?!, not anymore but we'll get into this in another post) and go to bed, I wake up in the morn with the softest hair ever.  The end result is as if every bit of every ingredient in this moisturizer has gracefully penetrated it's way past the cuticle layer and was welcomed w/open arms; and meanwhile as I rest at night, it  is carefully absorbed, so that I wake up w/the softest, most supple head of hair I've seen in a couple of years!  On top of that the smell is divine. You all know I have a penchant for tropical and fruity fragrances, so the fact that it fits the fragrance bill just puts this product over the top for me.  And no, the smell is not overbearing, the fragrance is lightly lingering if not gone by morning (I am a perfume wearing gal so I don't like too many fragrances intermingling, it makes me nauseous, no matter how good they all smell individually).  Although not an issue, my only con is that it's not as creamy as I anticipated but trust me it is not a problem at all. I do think I will, rather I know I will go through this 8 oz bottle much quicker than the Jane Carter N&S because of this. 

Overall, this is definitely a staple for me and it will be replacing my Jane Carter N&S (although I am proud that I used JC consistently for a couple of months w/o buying every moisturizing product in site). Hair's to my new victory in hair hydration!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Whipped Cream - Ends Hydration
Leave In & Moisturizer 

Not too heavy, not too light! Whipped Cream has Just the right amount of moisture and oils to give you moisturized ends.

Whipped (Baggy) Cream was originally formulated to work with the baggie method. However our customers reported that they use it for roller setting, wash-and-go styles, sleek ponytails, and as a leave in conditioner.

Just a dime size amount will do! It softens your new growth, adds unbelievable shine and gives new life to your hair! Your ends will love HairVeda's Signature Whipped Cream. Product may settle. Just shake well before use.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Ricinus Communis Oil, Beeswax, Lauryl Laurate, Copernicia Cerifera Wax, Cetyreal Alcohol, Proysorbate 60, Steryl Alcohol, Sunflower Oil, Allantoin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Germall Plus, Frangrance

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