Thursday, April 1, 2010

Progress Pics - 1yr

It seems I made the mistake that everyone on the hair boards and forums advise you NOT make;  I didn't take photos of my cut in Dec 08!!!  My 1st pic was in March 09 so I took some pics a couple of weeks ago and decided to post what a difference a yr makes;

The top left photo is March 09 an ear length bob.  And now for March 2010:
Outside of the "hole" where my alopecia patch lies underneath, I can't complain, but that "hole" is enough to make me go crazy trust me.  Don't worry, I have a quickie solution for when I want to wear my hair out b/c of course I can not let that show and look like a hot mess:

Just sew to mini comb-clips on a track of hair, measure and cut to suit your needs and voila!


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