Friday, April 30, 2010

Relaxer Prep

 I did it yet again and made it to 12 weeks, I am an official 3 monther!  I will be 12 weeks post and relaxing on Sunday.  The best part about it is that it's so dang easy now, so there is no turning back.  What's also great is the fact that I feel confident that I can stretch longer; the only reason I don't is b/c of this patch of alopecia and it's location really minimizes my style options.  Anywho in preparation of my relaxer this Sunday here's what I did last night:
1. Prepoo'd w/a mix of Aubrey Organic GPB (review coming soon), an egg, wheat germ oil and olive oil and Nature's Gate Condish.
2. Chelated w/L'anza Healing Hair Care Swim & Sun HPF 30 Daily Chelating Shampoo -Sulfate and EDTA free(review coming soon)
3.Deep Condish w/Jessicurl Weekly Treatment
4. ACV Rinse for porosity control

I didn't apply any leave-ins, I simply put some distilled water in a spray bottle and saturated my hair, sealed w/olive oil and let air dry using Sunshyne's scarf method.  When my hair was about 90% dry I applied Hairveda's green tea butter (review coming soon) on the ends and mid-shaft down the hair, wrapped in a bun and went to bed.  I woke up to soft, moisturized hair and new growth.  I will  be using the distilled water and olive oil solely to moisturize and seal until my relaxer in order to minimize product build-up on the hair which can cause under-processing and/or uneven relaxer results.

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