Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Edgestick (Special Offer Included)

 Some months ago I was introduced to a "variation" of the EdgeStick by a  friend.  Neither of us were familiar with this product so we plugged it in, I showed her how I thought it should work using it on my edges and that was the end of that.  At that time, with that particular variation, I was not impressed.  Fast forward some months and I accidentally came across a "better-looking" EdgeStick.  One with a digital temperature gauge reaching 400 degrees (unlike the version I tried w/a numerical dial indicating 1-5).  "This" EdgeStick was receiving rave reviews, had my attention and I was sold! Being a long term stretcher I thought this would be the perfect heat tool to control my number one issue when edges.  My edges get disrespectful, unruly, and down right rude. I figured with the EdgeStick in my corner I could possibly up the stretching ante.  So my mom surprised me and ordered it for me as a gift last month and when it arrived I couldn't wait to try it.  I was about 2 wks shy from being 3 months post at the time and trust me I needed something serious!

Well something serious did I get!!!  Woo-hoo, I'm on a roll! It's like this was the missing piece to the "everything I need for my hair puzzle!!!" My description of the EdgeStick is a combination of a flat iron and a hot comb.  It's the middle ground if you will.  The ceramic barrel in the center is encased in a double comb. The comb aspect works something like a rat tail comb, w/o the the snagging and pulling, really working out the coil/kink and of course the heat is laying those strands down leaving your hair straight and silky!!!  I was very satisfied, even with my first attempt.  Now what really has me going is that I just finished up my mom's hair and she is 9 months post. After blow-drying her hair, I used the edgestick to straighten her ENTIRE HEAD!!!!!  (Hair's tha thing with that, my mom has 4a FINE hair, it's not coarse at all, much different from my 4a/b coarse, densely packed strands.  I attempted to pull it all the way through my hair and that was a big NO NO).  Anyhoo, what I love about this heat tool is I had it on 390 degrees for both my mom and myself and the double-comb feels like nothing more than a warm rag rubbing across your scalp.  It was actually quite soothing. My primary interest in purchasing was to utilize it for the coarse, short hairs that are growing back in my alopecia patch. They are too short to flat iron and the hot comb burns the scalp.  The EdgeStick was perfect!!!  I was able to pull it through that area w/o any burning or flinching on my part.  It felt like nothing more than  me combing my hair with a slightly warm comb.  I was actually shocked to have a bush in that spot b/c I haven't been able to straighten it! You can only imagine the smile on my face to see that spot is finally growing in. I even took this with me on vacay.  In the process of doing my mom's hair she couldn't believe that the EdgeStick was touching her scalp b/c she felt minimal heat. My mom was so impressed with the results of her hair she said she is ordering one immediately! And the greatness doesn't stop there folks, our friends over at EdgeStick are kindly extending a 20% discount to Hair's Tha Thing's readers for a limited time!!! Simply click on the link below to purchase at the 20% off discounted rate (the deductions are already reflected in the price shown via the attached link).  The best part is you can choose from either the Consumer (200°- 400°F, available in white) or the Professional (200°- 450°F, available in black):



  1. Hi everyone my daughter used the Edge Stick on my hair for the first time and OMG what a wonderful invention. I haven't had a perm since Nov. Lot's of new growth. The wonderful thing is it went through my whole head and it didn't burn my scalp. i recommend this to everyone who is trying to stay away from relaxing their hair often.

  2. @Martine, Yes the 20% is still effective...enjoy


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