Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer has been the rave across the hairboards/blogs for a couple of weeks now. (could be longer but I've just noticed). So with my super kinky/coarse/dry 4a/b hair I am always on the prowl for any product with uber moisturizing and/or detangling capabilities, especially now that I'm a long term stretcher.  When I 1st saw the pic of the TT I was a bit skeptical. It looked, wimpy, toy like if you will, and since I've long recovered from my product junky days I was not impressed.  But my urge to relapse begin to take over and after reading reviews of ladies whose manes were similar to mine, I submitted and said what's 10 bucks right?!

Well I am ever so happy that I finally made the investment.  What I deemed as wimpy and toy like is a true hair beast! My 1st use was on freshly moisturized, uncombed in days, dry hair.  Yep I said it DRY hair AND I had less shedding than when I detangle under running water w/condish in the shower. Needless to say when I used the TT to detangle in the shower w/condish, the shed hair was almost non-existent. The TT has my vote and it's definitely all the rave in my book....This apparatus just may be the impetus for longer stretches. Let's wait and see!

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