Friday, November 6, 2009

Almost Time

I am officially 9 weeks post and patiently (ok impatiently) waiting to relax my hair. Not sure if I'm gonna relax next weekend or the weekend after. The dilemma is my 10th anniversary is next saturday so I wanted a fresh one, but we don't have any big plans so I figured I can get the extra week of stretching in and relax b/4 thanksgiving. Not sure. It'll be bitter sweet however. I have mucho new growth (ng) but my alopecia patch is just not good. It's the biggest its ever been and I'm not happy about it!!! On the plus side it's growing back but it's way behind the length of my hair. It's the lenght of a twa and since my hair is on its way to APL (couple of months, hopefully), I think my only option is to add a track to it after this relaxer. I tried to swear off weaves but what's a girl 2 do. One track won't hurt, and it'll add the length to that spot for special occasions when I want to wear my hair out! I began miconazole nitrate in hopes of getting rapid growth, but I'll post on that later when I have a couple months of usage. I have a couple of products to review in the near future. I'll post more on them after the next relaxer. My hair is in a good state right now (sans alopecia) and I don't wanna throw off the balance b/4 the relaxer. So stay tuned more to come. Have a gr8 weekend!



  1. This is my 8th week since my last touch-up and I need a 1 really bad!! This is the longest its been in a while!

    Any-whoo, what relaxer would you recommend for me? I have dry, thin hair. I currently use Cream of nature and I need a change.


  2. Martine, Congrats on stretching, the benefits are well worth it over the long haul! 1st are you using lye or no lye? In MY experience I find ppl w/thin hair consider lye to be too strong. Also what strength are you using? You can try using mild strength and possibly add oil and/or condish to your relaxer to lessen strength even more. To combat dryness, moisturize and seal every day. Stay way from products w/mineral oil, petrolatum, and parabens. These things coat the hair shaft and don't penetrate, blocking out addt'l products that you may be using to try n moisturize. Lastly try and maintain a proper moisture and protein balance. A protein overload can cause dryness and breakage. HTH!


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