Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Needing a New Moisturizer

I seriously need some suggestions. My hair is so NOT liking anything I have in my cabinet.  Now I was on the last bits of almost all of my products b/4 I started packing and with all the chaos I had going on I haven't had the time to reorder any of my much needed items.  This also got me to thinking.  In situations like these it's a little too much to be dependent on items that you can't replenish immediately.  So, I've always lucked up to find leave-ins, and co-washing condishes locally but I need some ideas on a good daily moisturizer and moisturizing deep conditioners, cone free, found locally.

Any suggestions?!


  1. I've been using shea moisture deep treatment masque and sealing with castor oil. Even without the castor oil my hair is really soft and feels moisturized. Plus with the ingredients in it you can't beat the price (9.99 at Target)

  2. Thanks Epitome, I'm definitely gonna have to look into this and check this out!

  3. Ouidad has a couple of products you might find useful:

    You can order and have them delivered directly to your home or they can be found in Sephora.

    If you have any specific product questions, email or call 800-677-HAIR (4247)

    How's 2011 treating you? How are your focus goals coming along?

    Keep up the great blogging.

    Katie for Ouidad


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