Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a Difference a Day - Uh - 9 Wks Makes!!!

Hey Girlies,

I have never, ever, gone 9 wks w/o a touch up.  Prior to my hair journey and all these new beginnings I've never gone more than 6 wks.  As I'm here airdrying a sense of nostalgia has come over me. I remember many yrs ago when I tried to see how far I could strecth, my hairstylist got upset w/me when I went in for a wash and set.  Her words "Oh my, what are you doing, you can not wait this long to get a relaxer, you don't have that type of hair.  You're causing waaaaaay too much breakage."  Well from what I can see on ALL the blogs, a WHOLE lot of people have type 4a hair!  That day she made me feel like the nappiest person in the world, the world Craig!!! lol.  Seriously, I am proud to say next Sunday, I will be relaxing at 10 wks post and I feel soooo dog on good about myself.  My hair feels thicker and stronger since I haven't been relaxing as often.  I could even go a lil longer but have a couple of events and thangs coming up and besided my hubby is looking at me cross-eyed so I better add some chemicals b/4 he files for divorce because of napdom....lol. 

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