Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wen vs. Hair One

Okay so I finally got my Wen, which I ordered back in April but let's not even talk about that. Once I saw that my order was gonna take a "couple" of wks to get here I went out and purchased Hair One (yes I'm impatient but I wanted to do a fair comparison and not rule something out b/c of price). Now I know some of you may wanna curse me for saying this but I wasn't impressed w/Hair One. I purchased the Olive Oil cleanser and it just doesn't float my boat. Just not a fan. It was okay but that's it. Great tingle however!

So finally my Wen comes in the mail the other day and I used it yesterday on my wash day. Now I wasn't excited b/c of the mediocrity of the Hair One so I waited to use it but I must say Wen is all the rave! Immediately when I applied it to the scalp I felt a huge difference in the two products. Wen automatically felt smooth and thick on my scalp. It felt very soft and moisturizing. It felt more like a conditioner. The only thing that was better about Hair One is that it tingled more but I may have had some build up, idk. To be fair, I will give it another shot and use Hair One with the exact same pre-poo that I did for Wen to see if I feel the same but so far Wen has my vote hands down!

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