Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bangs Save the Day

So last year I went with the grain and joined the bang movement. Now I've always had a love hate relationship with bangs. I yearn for them when I don't have them and after about a month or so despise them when I get them. I've had them for quite a while now and I'm beginning to endure the same never ending battle yet again, should I or shouldn't I? I decided I should...the reason why is I realized how much an integral part of stretching my bangs have truly been. That's right my bangs have been the MAIN reason I've been able to push my stretches to the limit. Although I mainly wear my hair back in a bun or phony curly phony, when it's time to go out I pull down my bangs, apply some heat protectant spray, bump the ends with my curling iron on low heat, slick the back in a pony, add some hair to make a sleek chignon and voila! Whether its date night with the hubby, hanging with the girls, rushing to a business meeting or some type of special occasion or event, I end up with a nice quick and classy style that suits all occasions.

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