Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bye Bye Wen

So you all know I prefer Wen over Hair One, but it looks like Hair One will get my money from here on. If there is one thing I hate it's poor customer service. Since I own a small business, I cant, in anyway form or fashion get away with this b/c people remember and at anytime can choose to go to a much larger agency for services identical to what I'm offering, so I pride myself on making clients happy. Why the hell then can larger companies feel they are so big that they can just handle your account so poorly and get away with it?!

From day 1 Wen has not been on point. I didn't receive an april order until June, then they supposedly were sending me out a new kit to replace the one I didn't receive. Then I notice they've charged me for the 90 day supply for the past 3 months but where the hell is it? Maybe you have it but I sure don't. On top of that, add insult to injury, and I know when Im being insulted the heifer on customer service line had the audacity to ask me "why did I wait till now to call or cancel if I've been charged for 3 months" with an attitude!!! I replied "since we are asking WHY, WHY am I not receiving my orders when you are clearly taking my money". Now of course she has nothing to say but come on this is unacceptable and the attitude. Oh no! I could go on and on about the call but I'm finished ranting right now so all I've got to say is Hair One - your easily accessible, better affordable and now a cleanser of mine!

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