Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Relaxer Results/Progress

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Okay so I havent posted pics since I began this blog. You know either I couldn't find the camera, the wire to connect to the comp, 4got to take photos etc etc. I decided to just use my phone so sorry if things aren't clear. Anyhoo as you all know I relaxed on Sunday July 12. I am very happy with the results. In March I was chin length and now in July I am shoulder length. I think I'm growing at a good rate and since I can see significant progress I have no complaints, well maybe one. As you can see on the left side in the back there are see through spots. Well that's b/c that's the infamous alopecia patch underneath the hair. Thank God my hair has thickened up a lot or it would be completely see through. I am working on this spot diligently but Idk ya'll sometimes I feel like my efforts are in vain. Of course I will never give up hope, I am sooooo NOT a quitter but I have to be completely honest, I get truly discouraged at times. Oh well que sera sera!

Moving on, here are my steps in preparing for and conducting the relaxer process:

1.Night before use detangler and GENTLY detangle.
2.Lightly oil hair and scalp with coconut oil.
3.Morning of LIGHTLY coat hair with Affirm Fiberguard Preservo Strenghtening Serum
4.Apply Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer
5.After rinsing out apply Aphogee 2 min
6.Rinse and neutralize with Affirm Fiberguard Neutralizing Shampoo
7.Cowash 1x w/Vo5 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie (love the smell oh so much!)
8.Deep condition w/Aubrey Organics HSR & KeraCare Humecto Mix, then rinse
9.Apply Silken Child Detangler, NTM Silk Touch Leave-In and Fantasia IC Hair Polisher for color treated/damaged hair.
10.Let air dry 95% then blow dry (hence the "frizness")

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