Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The End is Near

Hey All,

So I've officially decided to end my stretch this coming Sunday after 9 weeks. I just can't take it anymore. My hair is like whoa and I know it's just 1 more week to get to 10 as before but I am just aggravated. It was one thing when the weather was rainy almost every day but the sun is shining, my hair requires what seems like a half a jar of product to lay down and I just cant have this. It's just a week right (this is what I'm telling myself for approval so just On top of that I went and tried the L'oreal Hair Fixer and let me just say never again, no way, no how. My hair was left a dry, thirsty, parched, hard, brittle, stiff mess. Just when I had restored the perfect moisture/protein balance, here I go with my fast self trying something new. (something i said a wasn't doing over and over again....hard headed me). The good thing is I wasn't left with breakage especially since my hair was so rough to the touch. I was kinda scared but thank God that part was okay b/c I can NOT afford any set backs. I've been moisturizing like crazy and I'm just about where I need to be. I am sooo glad I've learned to listen to my hair. Folks the best advise I can give is to pay attention to how products leave the state of your hair. Not knowing is a recipe for pure disaster!

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